Center News, October 2009


The Center’s Dr. Meg Gaffney and her husband and teaching partner, Dr. Matthew Galvin, recently began a 6 week seminar series on Understanding Conscience in Ethics and Faith Experience at Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. The short course is offered for all persons at Trinity Church who are interested in conscience development and functioning, and especially those who have the opportunity to shape the development of conscience in young people. During the course participants will engage in conscience sensitive tasks, explore the essential domains  of conscience, learn about connections between psychology and values, appreciate change and diversity in the contours of conscience across a lifespan, recognize moral dilemmas and identify strategies for resolving them, and, with the help of clergy, discuss conscience in the context of faith.

Faculty Investigator, Dr. Peter Schwartz will contribute to a panel discussion entitled “The Policy Path for Comparative Effectiveness” at the Indiana Life Sciences Collaboration Conferences Series, Comparative Effectiveness: The Dollars and Sense (November 13, 2009).

Sound Ethics

Eric M. Meslin, Ph.D., director of the IU Center for Bioethics and Daniel Callahan, Ph.D., senior research scholar and President Emeritus of the Hastings Center, will discuss Callahan’s new book, Taming the Beloved Beast: Why Medical Technology Costs are Destroying Our Health Care System. Visit Sound Medicine for more information.


The MIT Press has published a new book in its Basic Bioethics series which includes a chapter by Eric M. Meslin, “Can national bioethics commissions be progressive? should they?”. See: Moreno JD, Berger S. Progress in bioethics: science, policy, and politics. Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 2010.

New Items in the Bioethics Digital Library

Survey Research Center at IUPUI. Public attitudes regarding genetic research: survey methods and findings. Indianapolis: Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. April 2009.

Schwartz PH. The value of information and the ethics of personal-genomic screening. Am J Bioeth. 2009 Apr;9(4):26-7.

Gaffney MH. Strange bedfellows: torture and medical professionals. [Presentation]. May 28, 2008.

Upcoming Events

Melissa Cavaghan, MD; Alexia M. Torke, MD, MS,; Lucia D. Wocial, RN, PhD. Clinical & Ethical Aspects of Caring for Transgendered Persons. Fairbanks Ethics Lecture Series. November 4, 2009. 12:00-1:00 PM, Methodist Petticrew Auditorium.

Susan Lederer. The Politics of Pounds and Ounces: How Obesity Became a Public Health Issue. November 12, 2009, 12:00 – 1:00, Medical Science Building, Room 311 A/B.

Richard Gregory and William Schneider. “Temples of the Future: Laboratories of the 19th Century” A viewing and discussion of “Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet” (1940), Spirit & Place Festival. November 13, 2009. 7:00–9:30 p.m., Indiana Medical History Museum Amphitheater, 3045 W. Vermont Street.  Registration is required at

Peter Schwartz. “Using Numbers to Change Minds: Using ‘Personalized’ Risk and Benefit Data to Influence Decision Making in Medicine”. November 16, 2009. 2:00-3:00, Indiana University Center for Bioethics.

Eleanor Kinney, “Professional Profiteering in Failed Health Care Services Markets”. November 19, 2009. Health Care Ethics Seminars, Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions,618 East Third Street, Bloomington IN.

Fairbanks Ethics Lecture Series 2009-2010
History of Medicine Speaker Series, 2009-2010
PredictER Meetings, Fall Schedule 2009
Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions, Fall 2009 Events
Purdue Bioethics Seminar Series, Schedule 2009 – 2010

– J.O.


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