Center News, August 2009

This month at the Indiana University Center for Bioethics (IUCB) wraps up a busy summer break and begins a new academic year.

Health Care Reform

Eric M. Meslin (IUCB director) and Aaron Carroll contributed to the nation’s focus on health care reform. Meslin participated in a public debate hosted by Smaller Indiana and also contributed to the Association of Bioethics Program Directors statement, “Three Myths about the Ethics of Health Care Reform.”

Among other media appearances, Carroll discussed health reform and the results of a new survey about government involvement in health insurance on Sound Medicine.  On a related topic, IUCB also released a new survey report co-authored with Indiana University Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research (CHPPR): Do Americans believe the “myths” about health care reform? Yes, they do.

Recent Papers and Presentations

Faculty Investigator, Katherine Drabiak-Syed presented “Revisiting the USPTO’s Examination Guidelines for Gene Patents: Congressional Inaction, USPTO Restraint, and Judicial Remedy” at the August 17, 2009 PredictER meeting.

As the research ethics community waits for President Obama to name a new national bioethics commission, Eric M. Meslin reflects on the history and role of the commissions in “Should bioethics commissions have more authority?” for Bioethics Forum (August 4, 2009).

Other new publications from the Center and its faculty investigators include:

Sly PD, Eskenazi B, Pronczuk J, Srám R, Diaz-Barriga F, Machin DG, Carpenter DO, Surdu S, Meslin EM. Ethical issues in measuring biomarkers in children’s environmental health. Environ Health Perspect. 2009 Aug;117(8):1185-90.

Green RC, Roberts JS, Cupples LA, Relkin NR, Whitehouse PJ, Brown T, Eckert SL, Butson M, Sadovnick AD, Quaid KA, Chen C, Cook-Deegan R, Farrer LA; REVEAL Study Group. Disclosure of APOE genotype for risk of Alzheimer’s disease. N Engl J Med. 2009 Jul 16;361(3):245-54. PMID: 19605829

New Research Assistant

IUCB welcomes Kalli McBride as our new graduate, research assistant. Kalli is pursuing a dual degree (J.D., M.A.) in Law and Bioethics and will be working closely with our faculty on several programs.

Upcoming Events

Richard Gunderman, MD. Can We Do Well By Doing Good? IUSM Ethics at Lunch. August 27, 2009. Noon. VanNuys Medical Science Building, Room B13.

Jennifer Girod and Andy Klein. Predictive Health and Toxic Torts. PredictER Meeting. August 31, 2009. 3:00 pm, Indiana University Center for Bioethics.

Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD. Healing as calling. Fairbanks Ethics Lecture Series. Noon. Methodist Petticrew Auditorium. September 2, 2009.

George Sledge and Pamela Perry. Physician and Patient Experience of Recurrent Cancer Treatment; Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine. PredictER Meeting, September 21, 2009. 3:30 pm, Indiana University Center for Bioethics.

Fairbanks Ethics Lecture Series 2009-2010

History of Medicine Speaker Series, 2009-2010

PredictER Meetings, Fall Schedule 2009

– J.O.


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