Lecture: Torture and Medical Professionals

Margaret Gaffney, M.D.Join Us tomorrow (May 28th) at the Fairbanks Ethics Lecture. IUCB’s Meg Gaffney, M.D., will be presenting: “Strange Bedfellows: Torture and Medical Professionals”. The lecture, sponsored by the Charles Warren Fairbanks Center for Medical Ethics, will begin at 11:30 AM in the Methodist Hospital Petticrew Auditorium. Dr. Gaffney will outline the history of physician participation in torture, identify professional, international and military codes that are relevant to torture, and describe current controversies related to medical personnel and treatment of prisoners.

Lectures in the Fairbanks Ethics Series are free, open to all, and do not require pre-registration. Continuing education credit is offered to physicians, nurses, social workers, and chaplains at no charge. Lunch will not be provided but you may “brown bag” your lunch and eat during the presentation.

For additional information contact Patty Bledsoe, pbledsoe@clarian.org or 962-9260.


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